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The Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung is continuing the winning streak with their Galaxy series and the Galaxy S4 is keeping the tradition very alive. The Samsung Galaxy S4 achieves a very high mark by putting more power into a smaller package over the last model. This Samsung handset is covered here in this quick article.

Samsung Galaxy S4 -

The Awesome Advantages in Jailbreaking an Android Phone

Advantages of Jailbreak Android

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The HTC One Super Phone From Taiwan

HTC One - The super phone from Taiwan

The workers from HTC are not going to let a slow 2012 get them down. They have released a great new competitor this month called the "HTC One". It is good looking, high powered and sounds great. Get a closer look at the HTC One smartphone here in … [Continue reading]

The HTC One Smartphone Has Arrived

HTC One - The super phone from Taiwan

The reports of an ailing "High Tech Computer" ( HTC ) Corporation being on the news, it does not seem to have affected their latest incursion in the smartphone world. The HTC One is a nice looking piece of mobile work with a metal, not plastic body. … [Continue reading]

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone


The smartphones that are coming out of South Korea are getting to be true pieces of mechanical art. Take for instance this latest Samsung Galaxy S4. This is a true "top of the line" handset that will please even the most demanding power smartphone … [Continue reading]