Top 10 Benefits Of Android Jailbreak

With any kind of gadget, there are different kinds of users. There are those who just remain content with what they are offered while there are others who are simply experimental and would like to discover more. This is genuinely true especially with how mobile phones work and the systems it possess. If you have hear before of the term jailbreaking your iPhone, then it is called rooting if you own an Android phone instead. Rooting allows you to be in control of your device and have more fun with the experience in using it.

Here are top ten benefits on why you proceed with the Android Jailbreak process or what is commonly called as rooting:

1. The options when it comes to flavors within the Android market

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can be too confusion to choose from. But with simple root access, you can take advantage of what your mobile’s hardware is truly capable of doing. You can get to tweak the OS entirely which can also lead to better performance boosting. This then can lead to better performance of your gadget as well.

2. You can be able to make the most of the relationship between your phone’s hardware and software. There are things that you may want to do with your Android phone but cannot be allowed by its OS by default. For example, even if your HTC Desire phone cannot allow you to use its LED to be a flashlight, then rooting can overcome this limitation.

3. With rooting your Android phone, you can be able to take advantage of using even the features that were unavailable before for your phone’s software. This is despite your hardware being compatible with such features. For example, your rooted Android phone can already have Live Wallpapers even if it used to not allow before.

4. You might be surprised to discover that there are numerous additional applications that you can find online which are deemed unattainable if you will not root first your Android phone. With a root access, you can disregard the usual permissions that are required of you to go through first in the past.

5. After rooting, you can be able to use your wife and Bluetooth to share your connection with your other gadgets like your laptop or even your personal computer. Such tethering can be made possible to be also attained for a Bluetooth connection. There is

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an application that will work well with several ad hoc connections that will make all these possible.

6. Not many realized it but rooting can help you get a better keyboard with your android phone. The android keyboard is not that bad but it just does not suffice at times. In short, sometimes typing with it is no breeze at all. But with rooting, you can be able to come up with a much better keyboard platform that can help you type better and with ease as it will present to you a much better input.

7. You can get to customize majority of your apps even those which come from other builds. You can also get to alter your default applications not leaving you stuck with what you were just offered in the first place. Your cravings will surely be gone in no time since rooting can customize your ROMs that are running right on your phone.

8. With custom ROMs, the battery life of your phone can also be improved since it eradicates the presence of bloatware and other applications that are already unnecessary. This then leads for your mobile’s better and unhindered performance. Once you have your Android phone rooted, you can be able to see power management applications too like the Superpower. It may not necessarily work to extend your battery life beyond its limits but what it can assure you is some additional hours for you to spend with your phone each day.

9. When your android phone is rooted or jailbroken, then you can get access to other offerings of other brands of Android phones. You can surely get software bundles that have been only exclusive before for other brands like the Beats Audio of HTC or the Siri clone of Samsung called the S-Voice. Whenever some developer has been able to extract it, then all it would take for you to do is to find it online and download it for free.

10. Rooting can also free up more memory for your phone. It can

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allow you to move some of your installed applications to your SD card which then frees some space in its system memory. In this way, you can be able to add more files and applications to it.

To decide on rooting or jailbreaking your Android phone is something that you should not rush. Even if you can get all these benefits from unlocking your phone, you should also remember the risks that may come with it which won’t be any fun at all too. Once you root your phone, then the warranty of your phone is automatically voided. You cannot bring your phone anymore to your service provider for any repair work or replacement. In short, you are

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all on your own once you get things rooted for your Android phone. And worst, it can also be the cause of your phone’s instant death. When things crash during the process or when you

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Other potential drawbacks may include poor performance of your phone and even make it more prone to various viruses. This is common for any change that happens to a software, it makes it more vulnerable to the risks of viruses.

At the end of the day, it is all up to you, whether you would push through with the rooting or not.

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Weigh your own options and do not be an impulsive decision maker when

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it comes to your android jailbreak choice. When it comes down to it, it is really all make it or break it.

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