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Samsung Galaxy Gear 3 Soon to be Released

Samsung doesn’t seem to be contented with releasing just one smart watch. In fact, it is planning to release another wearable gadget.


The news came from SammyToday who saw a Korean company who filed some FCC details for the said gadget that looks smaller than the released Gear 2 and runs on Android. Specifically, it will measure 1.8 inches by 1.45 inches which is slightly smaller than the 1.4 by 2.2 Samsung Gear 2.

The name filed for the said device is Galaxy Wear which have lead many to believe that this will be called as Samsung Android Wear.

However, this remains to be mere rumours as Google has not yet hinted on the release of the said smartwatch that runs on Android. While it has released news that LG and Motorola will be releasing wearable gadgets that runs on Android, that is not the case for Samsung.

Also, it seems that the concept of Samsung wearables running on Android veers away from the Samsung’s strategy to create its own software as it had showcased in its first wearable gadget – the Gear 2. This gadget runs on an OS called as Tizen. If it were to shift to Google Android, that would just mean that they are finally giving up on crafting their own OS which is a shame.

Still, there are still some speculations from the Korea Herald that Samsung will still release several smartwatches. Some of which is the Gear 3 that is said to work with their soon-to-be released phablet, the Note 4, and Gear Solo which is more of a phone watch as it allows users to make phone calls directly from the gadget. They said that the Gear Solo is just a warm up as it prepares its customers for the grand release of the Samsung Galaxy Gear 3.

First Remote Desktop App, Parallels Access 2.0, Now Available on Android and iOS

Remote desktop access services that are used to be reserved to personal computers are now available on mobile gadgets. With the availability of a remote desktop app, Parallels Access 2.0, on Android and iOS, you can now access and manage all of your files as well as control your gadget regardless of where you are.


If you”re familiar with LogMeIn, TeamViewer, Splashtop and GoToMyPC, then you”ll have a rough idea on what Parallels Access 2.0 can do. This application which used to be available on personal computers has now created an app version that will be available on Google Play and the Apple iTunes App Store.

The bad news is that it will cost some money. Since its target is mostly businesses, its clients should expect to shed at least $20 for a yearly subscription and $35 for a two-year subscription. The subscription is reasonable online casino though as it will allow five remote desktops in an unlimited number of mobile devices.

While there are plenty of opportunities, there are also some barriers for the company”s road to glory. It seems that Parallels Access is facing the same problem it has when it launched the first version – a stream of competitors to keep up with. After all, it roughly does the same thing as all the applications that I have mentioned earlier only that it has a bigger price tag which makes them less of an attractive choice especially for small businesses.

But Parallels Access will keep on fighting. In fact, they are now boasting some exclusive features in their app like their one-touch feature from the gadget”s Home, a separate Admin panel for business management as well as some state-of-the-art features such as the magnifying glass and smart tap that has never been present in its first version. Aside from all these, there is also a Facebook connection that lets users authenticate their logins through Facebook instead of using their usernames and passwords all the time.

While this release may not be as overwhelming as other app releases. We still cannot deny that Parallels Access 2.0 is an app worth having for any small business.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Quick Review

One of the latest Android phones that hits the market is the Samsung Galaxy S5. This has instantly got the attention of a lot of tech geeks not only because of its sleek design but also because of its flashy screen and features.

Samsung Galaxy S5

One of the great things about this phone is that it is quite flexible. In fact, it has features for certain people in certain professions. For instance, it has a feature that allows server checking which is a valuable asset to website administrators. It even has a heart monitor for athletes.

But if you are going to take a look at the rundown on specs, you”ll find that it is only a faster version of the S4. It is like an S version of the S4 or more of a plus as it only has some additional features with slightly faster system processing.

What You”ll Love

You”ll love the Samsung Galaxy S5 because of its performance. First, it runs the latest version of Android which is 4.4 or Kitkat OS. It also has a bright display which is unrivaled by other Android phones. Aside from that, it also has a quad core processor with powerful RAM so that it can run multiple apps at a time and even has a good camera for capturing those important moments.

What You”ll online casino Not Love

As I have said earlier, this is only a slight improvement on Samsung Galaxy S4. In fact, it should just be named as Samsung Galaxy S4 Plus instead of branding it as a new device. Also, it comes with pre-installed apps that doesn”t consider the needs of the user into consideration. The pricing is also another point that always raise some eyebrows as it is only a slight improvement on the previous version.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a great device to have. Though it has its shortcomings, it is still a good device to own if you”re the type who love to be updated with the latest Android handsets. With its sharp design, you really have nothing to lose.

Should You Root Your Samsung Galaxy S5?

The techie world has made some noise when the Samsung Galaxy S5 was released in the market. With an increasing number of new owners, there is now a question if it is really worth rooting or jailbreaking.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Well, while the Samsung Galaxy S5 may look all sparkly and shiny, there is always the question of messing with it so that you can take full control of it. Well, there are some things you must consider before you root or “jailbreak” your S5.

First, you have to ask yourself about control. Do you want to take full control of your device? If yes, then you should definitely root your mobile phone. This grants you some admin rights as you would have on Windows. With this, you have full control on what goes on inside your phone.

However, one of the downsides of rooting your Samsung Galaxy S5 is that it will render your warranty void. This means that in exchange for getting full control of your phone, you also cannot go to a Samsung store in case something goes wrong with the device. With this, utmost care should still be exercised. Jailbreaking should only be done if you are a techie yourself and you can fix オンライン カジノ your phone in case something goes wrong.

In the same way, jailbreaking can also stop the updates on your device. This means that you will surrender your rights for an updated phone or system once you decide to root your S5.

Once you jailbreak or root your phone, you can now have access to a plethora of apps. With a program called Xposed Framework, you can now have access to thousands of apps that you would not be able to download if you have not rooted your phone.

As you can see, rooting your S5 have its pros and cons. In the end, it is still up to you if you want to go with it or not.