First Remote Desktop App, Parallels Access 2.0, Now Available on Android and iOS

Remote desktop access services that are used to be reserved to personal computers are now available on mobile gadgets. With the availability of a remote desktop app, Parallels Access 2.0, on Android and iOS, you can now access and manage all of your files as well as control your gadget regardless of where you are.


If you”re familiar with LogMeIn, TeamViewer, Splashtop and GoToMyPC, then you”ll have a rough idea on what Parallels Access 2.0 can do. This application which used to be available on personal computers has now created an app version that will be available on Google Play and the Apple iTunes App Store.

The bad news is that it will cost some money. Since its target is mostly businesses, its clients should expect to shed at least $20 for a yearly subscription and $35 for a two-year subscription. The subscription is reasonable online casino though as it will allow five remote desktops in an unlimited number of mobile devices.

While there are plenty of opportunities, there are also some barriers for the company”s road to glory. It seems that Parallels Access is facing the same problem it has when it launched the first version – a stream of competitors to keep up with. After all, it roughly does the same thing as all the applications that I have mentioned earlier only that it has a bigger price tag which makes them less of an attractive choice especially for small businesses.

But Parallels Access will keep on fighting. In fact, they are now boasting some exclusive features in their app like their one-touch feature from the gadget”s Home, a separate Admin panel for business management as well as some state-of-the-art features such as the magnifying glass and smart tap that has never been present in its first version. Aside from all these, there is also a Facebook connection that lets users authenticate their logins through Facebook instead of using their usernames and passwords all the time.

While this release may not be as overwhelming as other app releases. We still cannot deny that Parallels Access 2.0 is an app worth having for any small business.

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How to block ads on your Android device in four steps.

It is easy for some people to get tired of seeing ads on their Android smartphone. The good news is that

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it is possible to take care of that problem and in quick fashion. How? Follow along in this article where you will find out how to do just that in four easy steps.

If your Android smartphone bugs you with a truckload of advertisements in the apps, you can do something about it. The first thing you will want to do is

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take a look in the Android Google Play store. Do a search for something called “Adblock Plus”. If you are on your phone browsing the Google Play store, you can enter your account and download it right there on the spot. Just go through the steps and choose “Install”, then click on “Accept and Download”.

Once the program is on your smartphone, its time to open it. This will initiate step two, which is another download and an automatic installation. The

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process should not take long, perhaps ten seconds maximum. When everything is done open it. It is enabled by default. Open the notification center to get to the Adblock Plus program

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in the menus. Once you have it opened it will be possible to adjust the filters for your own personal preference. The larger part of ads will be blocked without having to adjust the filters. Still, it is possible to adjust the ad blocking to suit your own tastes on the “Filter Subscription” menu in the program.

The last step is to test out your new adblock on things like Angry Birds or whatever games you have installed on your smartphone. You will notice that the annoying advertisements in the upper right hand of Angry Birds is now gone. The better news is that not only will ads be blocked in your downloaded apps, they will also

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be blocked on web pages as well. There are other versions of ad-blocking programs that will be available for those who have a jailbroken Android smartphone as well. The name of that program is “Ad Free Android” and is for rooted phones only. It is very similar to the first app mentioned above. It will not only block ads on apps, but on web pages also.

Using apps like these are convenient but they will also take away the revenues of those whose apps you are using. Android is an ad-supported platform, so cutting out the ads will put a big dent in the wages of the programmers if ad-blockers like these are used.